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Welcome to Waterside!

The following articles are available to read and learn more about the history of Waterside Village:


1988-1994 Construction
"Waterside Village is a gated community thoughtfully designed..."


1940-1973 Mango Grove
"When Waterside Village was just a mango grove..."




Construction 1988-1994



by André Marcoux


Waterside Village is a gated community thoughtfully designed and constructed by a highly professional team, PLP Development Limited Partnership, headed by Hervé Pomerleau, General Contractor. Mr. Pomerleau has had much expertise in project management, both in residential and commercial developments. He has been acknowledged Number One Builder in the province of Quebec, and proclaimed Number Five in Canada. Other members on his team were Gary Longchamps, well-known homebuilder on Florida’s east coast, and Jean-Louis Pomerleau, Director of Sales. Mr. Pomerleau prepared the plans and specifications and constructed 412 condo apartments and townhomes, surrounded by manicured landscaping with winding streets on 32 acres of land. All buildings have a Spanish design with matching awnings, making it a very unique community.

November 1988 marked the beginning of Waterside Village.
• Phase 1 - [1989-1990] consists of buildings 15, 16, 20 and 21, followed by buildings 23 to 37, along with a centrally located club house and tennis courts.
• Phase 2 - [1991-1992] is made up of buildings 1 to 9 along with buildings 10, 11, 12, 14, 22; the second pool was added to the recreational facilities.
• Phase 3 - [1993] comprises buildings 35 to 45.
• Phase 4 - [1993] adds buildings 42 to 46 and units 801 to 808 to Waterside Village.
May 1, 1994 marked the end of construction of this condo community. Jean-Louis Pomerleau and Roland Durand purchased the 20 units not sold by then. Thus, all 412 condo units were sold.

Looking back, we have to be grateful to Claire Gendron-Thuot, a former owner at Waterside Village for her talent and foresight to produce an album of photos available at the office of Waterside Village. It is wonderful to have such pictures that revive and remind us all about the sequence and construction phases of our community.


Also, we should be thankful to Gary Longchamps and Aurèle Veilleux for the pictures taken during the construction years 1988-1992. Without Aurèle’s commitment and dedication to create such a photo album, many souvenirs of our beginning and growing community would not be available.


In March 1995, with great pride and community spirit, Claire Gendron-Thuot dedicated this photo album to all residents of Waterside Village. Strong community spirit and a life of peace and relaxation have made Waterside Village the natural choice for many snowbirds and year-round residents.



Written by André Marcoux

Source: Mrs. Claire Gendron-Thuot

Translated by Israel Lacroix


Visit: www.pomerleau.ca

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